Band Members

Kyle Behring: Guitar, vocals

Nick Rubay: Drums

Jacob Arentzoff: Bass

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New CD Released!

How is it shipped?

The Moose Head CD is now available! We're self releasing a 4 song CD which includes the new studio track "Moose Head Garage", "Instrumental" (an instrumental studio track), "Whatcha Gonna Do?" (a demo), which is a track listed on our Myspace page, and "Single Again" (another demo), this 4 track CD can be yours for only $5+shipping!

CD Shipping

Your CD will feature the Moose Head CD Label as you see to the right with the big Moose looking creature on it. The CD will be packed in a CD envelope which will then be placed in a CD mailer which is then shipped to you. The handling of your CD, the shipping mailer envelope and postage is all covered in the $3 shipping fee. So hence the $8 total charge for the CD.


What's New!

Check out our myspace to see what is new and happening with VitaminT. You may also listen to some of our latest and greatest songs on that page.